About Me

Want to learn more about my passions and personality?

I'm Grace Shin, a global digital marketer from South Korea. In 2013, I went on my first business trip abroad to Sochi, Russia. Since then, I have lived abroad and travelled across the world for work and trip. I started the second chapter of my life in  South Africa, a stunning place with wild life and African culture. Then I got a chance to work at a Chinese company in Dubai. During my four years in Dubai, I enjoyed working on global campaigns targeting the Middle East and Africa market. While working full-time, I managed to graduate from an MBA at University of Manchester. I am currently in London, as a global digital marketer pursuing my passion in digital marketing.

My first visit to London
My first flight to South Africa
Exhibition in Saudi Arabia
Employee of the month
Lovely teammates
London office
First biz trip to Russia
MBA workshop in Hong Kong

Fun Facts

When I was a child, I always wanted to be a contemporary dancer💃   I like learning languages and attempted to learn 7 languages. Although I am not great at cooking, but I can bake bread and cake pretty well🥐 


My favourite architect is Louis Kahn and my major in college was English Literature. I still enjoy reading classics📚  I care about the happiness of all the kids in the world👶🏻   I enjoy giving consultations about marketing, career paths, and languages and I have been doing it for more than two years🌱

Lastly, there are a few values that I want to stick to (all from my previous workplace)

Operate with integrity, Be responsible, Strive for excellence, Be boundarylessHave fun!

Side Projects

I start my day at 5am and spend my morning time working on exciting side projects, writing or learning languages. 



Digital Marketing Online Platform

DIGIOCEAN is an online learning platform for those who want to take video classes about digital marketing topics and advance their career in the marketing field. I have been receiving countless emails and replies on my blog posts asking about how I could get a job abroad and especially became a digital marketing field.


Firstly, I started with one-on-one mentoring sessions, but decided to turn them into a guided online video, so that it is more reachable for many people. It grew into a community where people with similar career passions network, share their thoughts and help each other. I also send a bi-weekly digital marketing newsletter and answer some of the common questions about anything related to digital marketing I received via survey. 



Online Peer Learning  Platform

EDUOCEAN is an online peer learning platform where anyone can share their knowledge about specific topics and form an online group study session. It is also a group learning matching platform.


It was my first side project with my husband who took his MSc degree in Computer Science. This site is built with Django with customised functions tailored for learnings such as watching lecture videos, listening to audio files, taking vocabulary tests, assignment submission, and one-on-one communication with tutors on one single page.


This site itself is a learning management platform that can house learning materials, as well as users' learning history.