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Hi, I'm Grace, 
a demand gen marketing specialist
based in London.

I'm specialised in
digital marketing,
content creation &

localisation strategy.

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Recently published a book called 'Becoming a digital marketer' in Korea, available in major Korean bookstores!
This book is for anyone who pursues a career in the digital marketing field. It encompasses rudimentary knowledge that digital marketers should possess ranging from
history of digital marketing, marketing technology, data analytics, and so on.

If you are interested in publishing this book in English for international readers, please get in touch!



I started my career in the marketing field at a graphic design company in South Korea. Luckily, there was an opportunity to pivot to digital and since then I have been enjoying doing anything digital. 

My passion for digital stimulated my personal growth. I geek out over things ending with tech like adtech, martech, and fintech. The reason why I love digital is not just because it is simply exciting and can get creative, but also I have a faith that it will make our human life better and help us connect deeper in a different way than before. 

I was a student who loves art and literature and I was able to develop it into hobbies that bring joy into my life.


I love creating and designing content in various formats from articles, videos, ebooks, to graphic design. I started blogging in 2009 and since then more than 3 million visitors read my articles. 

I'm also running a personal Youtube channel that shares my stories around the world and my thoughts about many different topics. 




There were always good mentors around me when I grew up and even after I became an adult. They helped me be more courageous, vocal, positive and successful. More importantly, they set me on the right road.

My goal is to requite their kindness by doing the same to others who I can help with. I started my coaching sessions two years ago for those who want to be a digital marketer or work globally. Someday, I hope this could grow into a community where people can share their goals and help each other to succeed.

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